VIRBAC Aquadent Fr3sh 250ML

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A palatable water additive that helps control plaque to decrease bad breath in dogs and cats.

AQUADENT FR3SH utilizes an innovate blend of 3 natural ingredients to uniquely fight the sources of bad breath:

  • Inulin a natural prebiotic to address the digestive causes of bad breath.
  • Pomegranate an antioxidant to promote gum health.
  • Erythritol to freshen the mouth.


  • For cats: 2.5 ml to 250ml of fresh drinking water

  • For dogs: 5mls per 500ml of fresh drinking water

  • For accurate dosing use the measuring cup provided

  • Provide additional fresh drink water as needed

  • Discard any treated water that has not been consumed within 24hrs

  • Change water daily