ROYAL CANIN Wet Cat Food Hairball Care Gravy Pouches 12X85G

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ROYAL CANIN Hairball Care in Gravy is formulated to help your cat eliminate ingested hair by stimulating the intestinal transit passage - removing any excess hair that would usually remain in the stomach. Complete feed for adult cats (thin slices in gravy).

The Benefit:

Hairball control

Formulated to help eliminate swallowed hair by stimulating intestinal transit.

Ideal weight maintenance

ROYAL CANIN Hairball Care in Gravy also helps to maintain your cat's ideal weight due to the inclusion of a low fat content.

Healthy digestive system

High digestibility is supported through the inclusion of dietary fibre in ROYAL CANIN Hairball Care in Gravy, this contributes to a balanced gut flora and healthy intestinal tract activity. Additionally, a moderate protein content is included to support healthy muscular development.