ROYAL CANIN Poodle Adult 7.5KG


The Royal Canin Poodle kibble has been specifically designed for the Poodles delicate muzzle. The kibbles unique texture and shape makes it easier for them to pick up their food and encourages proper chewing habits and good dental hygiene. Complete feed for dogs - Specially for adult and mature Poodles - Over 10 months old.


Coat health

A beautiful coat and healthy skin is supported through borage oil, EPA & DHA and biotin to enhance the softness and shine of the hair while strengthening the natural skin barrier.

Dental health

To help keep their teeth in good health, ROYAL CANIN Poodle adult kibble contains calcium chelation minerals to help prevent tartar formation.

Muscle tone

Helps maintain muscle tone in these active dogs with an adapted protein content and L-carnitine.

Exclusive kibble design

The kibbles shape, size, texture and formula are specially adapted for the Poodle.