PETKIT Eletric Magic Dome Cat Toy


PETKIT Magic Dome Cat Toy can automatically tease cats, provide endless fun to your cat.
This flying machine like dome with magic 6 holes, inspires cat hunting nature. Irregular punch routine awaken cat to fight with it.
This toy will simulate the sound of mouse to tease cats sensitive nerves. More they play, happier they get.
During the play can also exercise, lose the big waists at the play.


  • Changeable accessories and easy to replace.
  • Anti-slip pad at the bottom, great stability.
  • Temptation squeak sound to gain attention.

Package Included

  • PETKIT Magic Hemisphere Cat Toy x 1
  • Feather accessories x 2
  • AA Battery x 4


Size: 23x23x9cm
Weight: 0.53kg
Material: ABS
Powered by AA battery x 4