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EZI-LOCKODOUR Absorbant Cat Pads 10pcs

$18.95 Regular price $25.95

Designed to fit the EziLock Odour Dual Layer Cat Litter System, these highly absorbent pads help keep your house free of stinky litterbox odours.

Quickly absorbing liquid and locking away odours, these clever pads last for up to a week to minimise litterbox smells while making cleanup a breeze. Simply remove the old pad and replace it with a new one to keep the litterbox fresh and clean. Each pack contains up to a month of absorbent pads.

  • Fits the Ezi-LockOdour Dual Layer Cat Litter System
  • Up to ten weeks supply of pads
  • Absorbs liquid and locks away odours
  • Easy to replace
  • Pads last up to a week


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Best product and price

This is by far the best litter system I have ever used. We have 2 cats and can only smell the pee when the pad is full and we forgot to change it. It’s easy to change & clean! They can be expensive but this site has the best price around


Absorbent cat pads and pellets are easy to manage with little mess! Fantastic products!

Kylie O
The best cat litter system ever!

This ezilock system is very simple and keeps the cat litter area clean and odourless! The kitty litter does not stay wet or soggy, and the cats paws stay clean!

Jennifer Maiwald
Ezi Lockodour Absorbant Cat Pads

Great Product does exactly what it’s advertised to do.

True "smell-free"

I tried many, from clumping clay, tofu, and crystals to wood pellets (with a sieve tray and dog sheet underneath), etc. All of them still smelled whatever was said in their advertisements. This Japanese litter does not smell. This product is still more expensive than others, but it is worth more than the price if you look for truly zero smell.
Easy to clean, the pad can lock in urine for a week with no smell. Sparklet's price is the best and quick delivery.