WAG Dog Treats Goat Horn 1pc Small

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Goat Horns are the ultimate chew toy: they're the healthy, boredom-busting, long lasting treat choice for dogs that love to chew. It's good news because horns are a dental delight regular chewing can scrape away tartar build-up from the surface of your dog's teeth by a stellar 70%. And all that goodness is all natural: these hollowed-out horns are sourced sustainably and repurposed as single-ingredients dog treats. Rich in keratin proteins and single-ingredient, this treat adds strength and shine to your dog's healthy coat.

Promotes Dental Health

Keep your dog's smile selfie-ready regular chewing can help reduce plaque and scrape away tartar build-up.

Sustainable Sourcing

We don't waste. We minimise waste and reduce the strain already put on natural ecosystems.

Long Lasting Chew

Goat Horns are one of the best occupy treats, especially for strong chewers, as they work to relieve stress and boredom.