KUNGFU CAT Green Tea 17.5L/6.5KG * 3

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This Product is sold in 1 Carton (3 Packs)

Simply the best tofu cat litter in Australia

  • Food-grade Materials: Made from 100% natural and sustainable plant-based materials
  • The 1.5mm Technology: Clump tighter and last longer
  • Extra Absorbent: Absorb liquid up to 5 times its weight, use less and last longer
  • Flushable: Water soluble, easy and safe to ush
  • Dust Free: Almost no dust, low tracking and ensure respiratory health
  • Fast Clumping: Solid clumping in as fast as 1.5s, easy to scoop and no more sticky bottom
  • Great Odour Control: Natural antimicrobials removes all unpleasant odours and bacteria in seconds

Green Tea: Green tea powder and tea polyphenols replace all unpleasant odours with tea aroma.