PURROOM 5 In 1 Cat Scratcher - Plumeria

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Made of premium corrugated cardboard, this creative cat scratcher can be separated into 3 parts to engage multiple indoor cats to scratch, play, hunt, or sleep. A perfect cat scratcher toy that satisfies all your cat needs to hide in a condo, sleep on heightened places, scratch to her satisfaction, or play or hunt inside the tunnels. Provides utter satisfaction to kitties as they scratch their fur against the scratcher boards. Cute, creative, and pretty design to match farmhouse or Nordic interiors.

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • 5-in-1 cat scratcher
  • Breakable into 3 parts
  • Lightweight
  • Engages multiple cats
  • Size: 32x26x26cm
  • Weight: 4kg