PETKIT WhiteVilla Cat Litter Box

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PETKIT PURA AIR Smart Odor Eliminator Air Purifier is not included in the package.

Petkit villa-style cat toilets, one-to-one cleaning, focusing on creating a clean and easy cat breeding experience. The closed design fits the nature of cats, and the small window has better air circulation. Suitable for cats under 8kg. The hollow inclined pedal design can guide cats to enter and exit through the pedal to prevent cat litter from being brought out. The slope design litter goes back into the litter box, which is more frugal. Add an intelligent sensor-type odor purifier to capture the cat in and out with an infrared thermal sensor system, so that the odor-purifying work can be performed in a timely and accurate manner. Physical and chemical double-effect attack, easy and precise disintegration of odor, using a safe and harmless composite plant filter. It releases net odor molecules and captures the source of odors such as neutralizing ammonia and hydrogen sulfide molecules. At the same time, it releases highly active negative ions, attracts tiny powders and particles, which can achieve antibacterial and dust reduction, and cats can also relax in the toilet.

Product Detail

Material: Plastic, ABS Rated

Power: 0.5W Weight: 5.45kg

Voltage: Not Applicable, 4.5VDC

Battery: 3*AAA Size: 518*533*528mm