PETKIT Pet LED Nail Clippers

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PETKIT LED pet nail clipper is designed to trim pet nails easily and safely. Bright LED light can illuminate colored nail, easy to locate the blood vessel in pets nail. The blade made by hardened stainless steel whick gives you a precision cut without struggle. Nail trapper helps catch nail clippings for easy cleanup!
Rotary file design at the end of handle, gently grind down and shape the edges of nails. Leather texture handle; comfortable grip, beautiful and non-slip.


  • Build in LED easy to find blood vessel.
  • Nail collecting trap, keep nails in place.
  • Sharp and durable.
  • Comes with nail files, gently grind down and shape the edges of nails.

Package Included:

  • LED Pet Nail Clipper x 1
  • LR44 battery x 3


Size: 14.8x .82.3cm
Weight: 0.144kg
Material: ABS, Stainless steel
Powered by: LR44 x 3