PETKIT Genki Cat Grass - Vermiculite



  • Natural detoxifier: Natural laxative to prevent constipation & flush toxins.
  • Induce furball removal: Induce regurgitation to get rid of indigestible matters.
  • Boost Immunity: source of multiple vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, & folic acid.
  • Promote digestive health: easy digestive discomfort such as bloating & indigestion by removing potentially poisonous matters.
  • Easy to grow

4 steps and 7 days to grow:
1: Open the lip.
2: Add water to cover vermiculite and wheat seeds. Then pour out water after they are wet.
3. Spray water everyday to keep it moist.
4. Wait for 7 days, enjoy!


Material: Wheal seeds, Vermiculite