PETKIT Fresh Anti-bacterial Ceramic Feeding Bowl - 2 colour pack

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Polk Dot Ceramic Feeding Bowl is not just a good looking feeding bowl. The refined pottery clay is bisque firing at 13400C. It belongs to high quality ceramics fired twice at high temperature with a smooth glazed finish, which cares for the health of pets.

Elevated base and 11cm wide bowl reduces the stress of cat whiskers and is more suitable for flat-faced cats .

The surface is hard but delicate and shiny, free of lead and other metals, and will not react chemically with the food.


  • Microwave safe.
  • Elevated base improves feeding gesture.
  • Durable and delicate in one.

Package Included

  • Polka Dot Antibacterial Ceramic Feeding Bowl Red x 1
  • Polka Dot Antibacterial Ceramic Feeding Bowl White x 1


Size: 11x11x7.5cm

Weight: 0.375kg

Material: Ceramic