PETKIT Earak Smart Fish Tank


Simple design, ultra-white high-definition glass material, with full RGB LED intelligent lighting control system and multi-channel filtering system, equipped with heat dissipation module, adjustable oxygen module, light adjustment touch button, support one-touch water drain, and with non-induction power adapter.
There are also two sets of artistic landscaping options to choose from.
Recommended less then 10 fish and fish size not longer then 6cm.
(Landscape is not included)


  • Ultra-white high-definition glass material.
  • Intelligent lighting control system .
  • Multi-channel filtering system.
  • Heat dissipation module.
  • Light adjustment ring touch button.
  • One-touch water drain.
  • App remote controllable.

Package Included

  • PETKIT Earak intelligent fish tank. (Landscape is not included)
  • Power core x 1

Size: 40.2x17x20.5cm
Material: Glass, ABS
Water capacity: 10L
12V ultra-silent pump
1600W LED