PETKIT Bungee Cat Wand


PETKIT Bungee Cat Wand Toy is a fun and beautifully designed high-quality cat toy made with safe and non-toxic materials that your cat is sure to love.
Great for bonding with your cat, the cat wand makes playtime together fun and exciting while encouraging your cat to exercise and stay active!
Application of strong PC handle, safe and odourless, comfortable to hold.
65cm long stick with skin-like surface treatment provides you with a durable and flexible toy.
The goose feather accessories are interchangeable. Goose feather is hand-dyed without chemical dyes, and it is safe and natural.
Long screw thread on the stick corresponds to the handle. One wand can play in two ways.


  • The product says it all for itself. Elegantly designed with safe material for cats to chew and play with.
  • Interchangeable accessories.
  • High strength material, durable and bendable without deformation.


Material: PC, Feather, Imitation rabbit hair, Ribbon