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KUNGFU CAT Original 17.5L/6.5KG


KUNGFU CAT Cat litter for now and the future

Kungfu Cat produces and supplies one of the best natural tofu litter in the world by setting high standards to make sure all the products are of premium quality and ethically sourced. By diving into tofu litter field, sourcing best natural materials, implementing production line with cutting-edge technology, Kungfu Cat is determined to produce the best premium tofu litter, and will not compromise our standards.


  • Food-grade Materials: Made from 100% natural and sustainable plant-based materials, never worry about accidental ingestion
  • The 1.5mm Technology: Extraordinary performance powered by 1.5mm ultra-thin technology
  • Extra Absorbent: 5mm ultra-thin pellets absorb liquid up to 5 times their weight; Use less litter and last longer
  • Flushable: Water soluble, super easy and safe to ush
  • Dust Free: High hardness pellets with almost no powder or dust; Low tracking and ensure respiratory health
  • Fast Clumping: Solid clumping in as fast as 1.5s; Easy to scoop and no more sticky bottom
  • Great Odour Control: Natural antimicrobials removes all unpleasant odours and bacteria in minutes

Original: Made from bean dregs, corn powder and starch, smells like soy milk.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chen ying cheng

Wentworth point

Alverdine Drake

Best flushable clumping litter I've used. Clumps up fast enough to not leave smears all over our automatic self cleaning litter box like the previous litter I used did. Seems to mask odours pretty well too.